The standing vertical jump technique is one of the most popular tests of leg power. It is used routinely to know the effectiveness of program based on athlete’s condition. In most tests, the athletes are asked to perform such a countermovement jump for maximum height. A countermovement jump is a kind of jumping where the jumper starts it from upright standing position, it makes preliminary downward movement with flexing in the hips and knees, then it extends immediately hips and knees again to jump up off the ground vertically; like in the basketball sport. The movements make the usage of stretch-shorten cycle where the muscle is pre-stretched before you shorten in the desired direction.

The reason why you can jump in a countermovement in vertical jump technique higher than in squat jump is because the pre-tensing muscle. In the activation levels of the countermovement jump, the jumper’s leg muscle is higher in the upward started phase because the jumper should be slow and reverse the motion of initial downward. A countermovement can eliminate the vertical range of push-off which is wasted in squat jump while your muscles build up into maximum force. The jumper who performs works early more in the phase of upward of the jumping. In addition, the jumper has higher takeoff the velocity and also a greater jump height.

The most significant things that you can do to develop your standing vertical jump technique result is to make your height is as tall as possible before you can start the jump. It means that you should rise up into your toes and then raise your arms in the air above your head. The achievements of this result is that gives you for more distance to generate the downward forces to facilitate the better utilization of cycle stretch shorten. In the terms of actual inches that it is gained, it will not be much. However, as we know, in every inch will be counted.

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